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Fluid Engineering & Co. would like to thank Steve Picker at inNETovations for the superb job of putting our website together.  We have not only received inquiries from companies in the United States and North America but also from around the world.  Many of these inquiries have turned into profitable orders.  We never realized what an opportunity there was in having a website and the additional profits which can result from it. 

Gateway Hemophilia Association

The Gateway Hemophilia Association appreciates your constructing and maintaining our website.
Your generous contribution of time and talent says volumes about you and your service.
We couldn’t be happier with the prompt manner of updating the website and the professional look of the site.
Thank you.
Rheal Desrochers
Executive Director

It goes without saying that starting a business is “stressful.”  So imagine your frame of mind if you started four new businesses in three years time.  My husband Larry, and I did just that, starting with Native Stone Vineyards, adding Native Stone Winery, then Bull Rock Brewery and finally Native Stone Restaurant.  

One of the most important lessons I learned during this time, is that you can’t do everything yourself.  Somewhere along the line you have to trust the expertise of others and ask for their help.  

We needed marketing materials for our businesses, but we did not know where to begin and we weren’t sure what we could afford.  We felt it was important to use the most modern technology available to market our products and that meant using the Internet.  Unfortunately, the Internet was something my husband and I had limited knowledge of, so we were very uncomfortable with it and we were procrastinating.  

Procrastinating with four businesses is not a good idea.  What is a good idea is contacting an expert and letting them handle what you can’t.  Steve Picker at InNetovations is the expert we contacted.  Not only did Steve know “how”… he knew “what” … “when” … “where” and “why”.  He knew more about what we needed than we did… and you can’t ask for more than that.  Or can you?  How about asking for someone you can trust?  Someone who is patient?  Someone who is committed to giving you “exactly” what you want?  Someone who will find the perfect fit between the budget you have and the products you need?  That’s Steve Picker and that’s InNetovations…  a company that is small enough to be both flexible and affordable… yet talented enough to give you the quality products you need to promote your business. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn, InNetovations is your answer… they have the cure for procrastination! 

Cara & Larry Stauffer, Native Stone Winery and Bull Rock Brewery, Jefferson City, Missouri.


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