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Why does my business need a web page, when most of my customers don't even have a computer?

It was once uttered... "...we have examined this invention called the Telephone and after much thought we have come to the conclusion that this is a useless technology, our company is doing just fine with the Telegraph..."

The telephone has revolutionized the way we do business today, just as the internet will revolutionize the way we do business tomorrow. The fear of change is the most common excuse for businesses to ignore the potential of the internet; the second most common reason is cost. We can't make you appreciate the potential of this technology, but we can make it affordable for you. So stop making excuses to yourself and your customers, and let inNETovations put you on the World Wide Web, TODAY!

I have heard it costs thousands of dollars to set up a web page, how can my small business afford this?

Website development can be quite expensive, but for most small businesses, developing a website is relatively simple and therefore affordable.  Consider a website as part of your marketing.  A website is available to your custoemrs 27 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Unlike print media, a website can be updated immediately when a change is necessary.
InNETovations has a plan to satisfy every business and every budget.

Give us a call at (573)636-7898, e-mail us with your questions or requests, or check out our pricing page for more details.

How will anyone find my web page?

When we create a web site for you, we will register it with major search engines such as Yahoo and Excite, so that your customers can find you quickly and easily by searching profiles and key words.  However, the best way to ensure that your site is found it to make sure it is on all of your advertising including radio, television and print.  It is also important to have your web address on all of your correspondence with customers and potential customers.

What type of connection will my web site have?

Our server use T-1 connections to provide customers with the fastest possible access to your web site.

What if I already have a web site?

We can take over the hosting and maintenance for you, or we can consult with you about designing a whole new look for your web presence.

Can I get my own Domain Name?

YES.  InNETovations can register a domain name for you.  Individual domain names are easier for customers to remember; however, there are added costs associated with establishing them.  See our Pricing Information page for more details.

What steps need to be taken before my site can be placed on the web?

The first step is to set up a time when InNETovations design staff can meet with you to discuss your requirements and expectations. With this information, a test site will be developed. The second step is for you to review this site. If it meets your expectations, it will be placed on the World Wide Web for the public to view. If you feel changes need to be made, we will work together to make the site everything you want it to be.

How long will it take to get my site finished?

The answer to this question depends on how complex your site will be. Many variables play a part in determining the completion time. Variables such as custom graphics, domain name registration and your approval. Once we receive all of the needed information, we will provide you with a completion date.

What will I have to provide InNETovations?

Information such as; text you would like to see on your page, pictures (For your local business we will take digital pictures (an additional fee will apply) and other information pertinent to your business.

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